Lifecycles - Engines Orchestra + Phil Meadows Group


Penned by Meadows and featuring the award-winning Engines Orchestra the Lifecycles suite explores a series of situations that we all experience. From the people we meet, love and lose to the moments that define our headspace, alter our moral compass and leave us beautifully confused as we choose our pathways through life.

Featuring a twenty-six piece Engines Orchestra with soloists Alice Zawadzki (violin/vocals), Emily Davis (violin), Gregor Riddell (cello), Laura Jurd (trumpet), Elliot Galvin (piano), Tori Handsley (harp), Conor Chaplin (basses) and Simon Roth (drums). Produced by Tim Garland and Alex J Watson at Angel Studios for the Engines Imprint in 2014.

Special thanks goes to Help Musicians UK for the Peter Whittingham Jazz Award, Arts Council England and our crowdfunding pledgers for their support.

Engines of Creation - Phil Meadows Group


Engines of Creation

Engines of Creation explores a series of stories from Meadows' musical upbringing. Tales of bar-room-brawls, space-aged advice and quirky personalities the record features Laura Jurd (trumpet), Elliot Galvin (piano/rhodes), Conor Chaplin (bass) and Simon Roth (drums). Produced by Alex J Watson for Boom Better Records in 2013.